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Cabinet Flexi-Lock (F106)

Perma Flexi Cabinet Lock is part of the wide range of Child Safety products that fall under the Perma Products brand. Never leave children unattended, this product is not a substitute for adult supervision. Anything sharp, toxic or dangerous should be completely inaccessible to children.

*Pack of 3


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The Perma Flexi Cabinet Lock is perfect to prevent small children from opening or closing cabinet and cupboard doors.

Uses / Applications

The Perma Flexi Cabinet Lock is very easy to use. To release a strap, push the middle and side button at the same time and pull the strap until free. Now, insert the free end of the strap through the cabinet handle and wrap the strap around the handle and re-insert into the lock and pull tight. Repeat above procedure for the second strap.

*Pack of 3