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Eezimed Medicine Dispenser Dummy

The Safe and Sound medicine dispenser ensures an easy and safe way to administer medicine to your baby. Baby can passively suck on the device to draw the medicine through the orthodontic teat. The unique syringe action safely ensures the full content of the device chamber is dispensed. Simply support the chamber and press on the plunger to gently ease the medicine into baby’s mouth


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  • Dispenses liquid medicine at a safe flow rate for baby
  • The simple and soothing way to administer medicine frombirth to 6months
  • Unique Orthodontic Pacifier
  • 5ml medicine dispenser
  • Small channel in the teat directs medication to the back of infant’s mouth
  • Bpa and latex free
  • This is a medical device and should not be used as a regular Soother or a measuring device. Refer to packaging before use
  • Pull back the Internal plunger to fill with required medicine before allowing baby to naturally suck medicine from the chamber
  • Where necessary support the chamber and gently depress the plunger to administer the full Contents