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Mosquito Bands for Kids



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The perfect accessory for all those outdoor summer activities!

Bugstop Mosquito Bands are easy to wear for the whole family as well as ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Free of DEET and non-toxic, these bands contain citronella essential oils and are made from ultra microfibre textile, making it extremely safe as well as an effective natural insect repellent.

Each band sold individually in an airtight foil wrap in order to stay functional and protects for more than 240 hours.

Product Features:

  • All-natural substances
  • Made of super-soft microfiber
  • Effective for approx. 240 hours
  • Includes adjustment holes for a comfortable fit
  • Safe for babies, pregnant women, adults and sensitive people
  • Ideal for travel and all outdoor activities

How to use: 

  • Tear package from the upper tearing line marker
  • Open the zipper. Take out the aromatic mosquito repellent band
  • Set the button into the hole within enough space of user wrist or ankle
  • Keep the product in a ziplock bag and seal (not provided) for long term use